“The secret of joy is contained in one word -excellence”

We take pride in screening before you the fleeting glimpses of the whole year’s commitment. I am sure these visual clippings will be a passionate pantomime which epitomizes the caliber of the TRS Global Public School

Let’s us look on to the screen for the most expected moment of the event. Annual report 2019-2020

(After report)

Incredible! Indeed a cherish able recall.


“Warm smile is a universal language of kindness”

A tree is kniown by its fruits, a man by his deeds

The service rendered by police men cannot be valued nor can be described in few words. Today is a very great day and we are very enthusiast to invite a great man who has many responsibilities. We would like to applaud him for giving us his important time. May I now request our honourable chief guest Mr.A MYILVAGANAN to address the gathering.


Thank you sir for your inspiring words ..we are indeed encouraged


We are extremely thrilled to have with us Sri. AM MOORTHY an extra ordinary personality, a noble man with a prophecy of distinctness an originator of multifarious notions. A statue of knowledge and experience.

May i know cordially invite our Guest of honour Mr. AM MOORTHY to endow his parlance on this special event.


Thank you sir  for devoting your precious time and endowing the young pupils with your words of wisdom.

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