About School

TRS Global Public School, established in the year 2015 by the vision of MJF.Lion.Dr.T.R.SUBRAMANIAM, with an aim to usher in the Motto “Indian Knowledge – Global Kingdom”.  Our path and aim to create a culture through education is a long dream of the visionary. To run we must have strong muscles, energy strength, a goal and vision and mind physical body co-ordination, but, in the vision of education the dream needs the strength of whole community, their coordination of all in reaching the goal.  It is the process success and a continuous development,  we invite everyone to be a part of success of this journey – by learning, contributing in knowledge and by sharing the new wave of thoughts.


The Motto of our school is “Indian Knowledge – Global Kingdom” all the staff and students of the institution are expected to keep the school motto in utmost spirit and mind, and ensure the standard of excellence in daily activities continuously and achieve success and happiness in their walks of life. Each one of us should inculcate the traditional values and cultural heritage of our country and honour them.