Chairman’s Desk

From the Chairman’s Desk,

The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically intelligence plus character that is the goal of true education”.

– Martin Luther King Jr.

11The Rural Welfare Trust established by philanthropist MJF. Lion.Dr.T.R.Subramaniam is an educational hub with an exceptional and excellent academic record for more than two decades. The divine unblemished goal of the trust to educate the students and uplift the community,  and to become a driving force in the sphere of “Academic Excellence” with a Motto “Indian Knowledge – Global Kingdom”.

TRS Global Public School is committed to build a strong academic architecture with a congenial atmosphere in which co-existence is essential to create an intellectual academic community. We sincerely express our warmth heartiest welcome to our school and are delighted to provide you with all resources in achieving your and our academic goals.

TRS Global Public School has a strong presence in establishing infrastructural facilities, a well built up area, well equipped laboratories, library and an e-learning facility in the campus. We have the aim to impart value oriented education with the help of dedicated staff / faculty with an effective training learning process methodology and technology.

TRS Global Public School, a temple school to promote freedom of thought, innovation and creativity to meet academic excellence, with trust, hope, faith and an order of noble people to serve the community in excellence, I wholeheartedly ready to serve the society by establishing this educational noble institution.

As the phrase of Malcom Forbes :

“And the purpose of Education is to replace an empty mind with an open one”

My whole Institution reassure and reaffirm our commitment and determination to make and train students to be socially lovable and educationally well equipped in academic excellence of our well said Motto “Indian Knowledge – Global Kingdom”.

– MJF.Lion.Dr.T.R.Subramaniam