Code of Conduct

  1. Students must attend the school on all working days and be punctual for the assembly. Latecomers and absentees shall have their late attendance and absence record signed by their parents/ guardian.
  2. Students shall reach the school at least 5 minutes before the first bell and not earlier than 15 minutes before the first bell,. Unless instructed. The school shall not be responsible for their well-being if they reach school earlier than that
  3. Use of English: English should be spoken in the school premises to acquire proficiency in usage of the languages.
  4. The school uniform should be clean and neat. Students who are sloppily dressed or wearing dirty clothes are liable s to be sent back home.
  5. Students should be polite and courteous. All students are urged to maintain high moral and ethical standards set by the school in their manners and conduct.
  6. Irregular attendance, habitual negligence in school work, dishonesty, obscenity in word or act, serious misconduct or threats inside or outside the school shall lead to dismissal.
  7. The visiting hours for parents are after 3.10 pm. Parents may meet the class teacher on a daily basis after 3.10 pm. Parents entering school campus during working hours are strictly not entertained unless called by the school authorities.
  8. Students should obey the teachers and school authorities in all matters, and are required to follow the instructions that may be given by the school authorities. They are not allowed to be in other class rooms during intervals.
  9. Students failing in the same class for two consecutive years will not be allowed to continue his studies in the school.