Students Club


The educational system in today’s competitive scenario needs to focus on the holistic development of children, not restricting to mere classroom learning. Though our priority is academic excellence, our endeavor is also to equip the student with many co-curricular and social skills. We have various clubs aimed at developing the intellectual, aesthetic and physical aspects of our students.


“Reading well is one of the great pleasures that solitude can afford you”

Prime objectives of the club are elate oratory skills, communication skills, develop sense of literary appreciation at the same time to eradicate fear lingering regarding any language. To improve literary skills and confidence level we conduct, activities like debate, extempore speech, creative writing, group discussion, spell bee, fun with dictionary, quiz on alphabet, read aloud, talk about etc.


Motto of our club is “Conservation and Preservation”

The greenery that we see around us the butterflies, the birds, the fish in the sea etc are something which man cannot make. We should preserve nature and make it grow.

The Nature Club was inaugurated on 6th August. The members of the club organize meeting and carry out various tasks like cleaning the school campus, Vegetable carring, planting trees, maintaining the planted trees etc. The members of the club give awareness programme in protecting nature.


To develop the hidden talents of creative children, the Arts and Craft club plays a vital role. The club was officially inaugurated on 6th August. By holding the motto “Being creative is not a hobby, it’s a way of life”. Majority of the members belonging to this club get a favourable environment to nurture the seed of Art & Craft and it is reflected in their work. The training given in this club creates an environment of learning to make beautiful articles to beauty their environment. Doll making, Pot designing, Clay modeling, Flower making, Teddy Bear making, Flower arrangement, Glass painting, Greeting card etc. Items with waste materials are quite innovative. 


Increasing Knowledge has enabled man to live a far superior life in every way comparing to that of other animals. With the aim of extending the horizon of knowledge the quiz club was formed under the guidance of our teachers. Various quiz competitions are held in the school and students are prepared to participate in Inter-school quiz competition in keeping the motto “Test your Knowledge”.


Heritage Education attempts to understand of Indian Civilization and includes Cultural Heritage, Natural Heritage and Digital Heritage importance monuments of India.